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Need tribe help...........places to party in Chicago?

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I was going to say Crobar but I noticed this on their website.

I had a lot of fun there in December. Too bad.
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Seven Deep

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You won't find as much to do here as in T.O., unfortunately many of our places go after the upscale buck.

Crobars Ok, but I dont think it's worth the steep admission/drinks, and asshole security. They put on some fun shows here and there though.

Depending on whatever they've booked for the night, you can spend 10 bucks at places like Smartbar, Lava Lounge, Sonotheque, or Spybar and probably have a better time. The Logan Square Auditorium has events every other weekend or so, but turnout seems to be hit and miss.

Stay away from the Vision/Excalibur complex on Dearborn. That is unless you want to have your wardrobe examined upon entry, listen to the brand-newest in 7 year-old sounding progressive trance, and drop 300 bucks to stand around a bunch of tourist yuppies who treat going out for the night like a real estaters convention. It's too bad, because Vision used to be the Dome Room, which was a great EDM club on Fridays, ass whipping bondage on Saturdays.

Also avoid White Star Lounge or Zentra, for the same reasons as above, but exchange progressive trance with really boring Latin House.

A club called Transit opened up last fall, but I haven't been in there yet. It's possible that it's just another hip hop club.

You can also drop into Gramaphone records near Clark and Halsted and find out whatever is going on the next few weekends.

Another Level is throwing a Warehouser next Saturday, and Smartbars getting the Orb 3/28. Not much else going on that I know of.




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30 day supsension in 06 for stuff that went down in 03? .. is that normal doings in the club industry?

Seven Deep

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Yeah Soundbar is still open. They kind of fit into that Studio 54 wannabe category too. Sometimes they get decent shows and they relax with the textile elitism, but for the most part, they do the same shit as everyone else.

I'm pretty sure Crobar is opening back up next week. They had some capacity ordinance violation a while back. It's not a normal thing per say, but Crobar has always been in Daly's crosshairs since he went on his anti-club-drug crusade. They're always trying to nail them to the wall. That's partially the reason we have such a stale scene here. No one wants to throw one nighters because the penalties for getting caught are so steep. The only way to get the task forces off your back is to get licensed, and with the price of a liquor license here, I almost can't blame some of the clubs for going after upper-midle class clientle. Your only choice is to take a big risk, or throw your party out in Wisconsin on a reserve or farmers patch.


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Does every city in the world have places named Soundbar and Lava Lounge?

Kind of like every city in California has streets called "Embarcadero" and "Hollister".

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