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Need to purchase a muddler


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Try Kitchen Stuff Plus on Yonge... Recently I have been adding small amount of molasses to my mojitos and it tastes quite good... If your stuck the back of aspoon will work too...


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the end doesn't have to look like that
any kitchen supply place worth its mettle will have something that will work
(I got something, with a bowl to match, in the market in Cachoeira not far from Salvador de Bahia :) )


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broomhandle + pocketknife = muddler

you could even make a really long one


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Been in the market for one of these ever since I was introduced to the Pama MoHitos.

My pestle is stone... 2 drinks = broken glass, guaranteed. And the wooden spoon sucks... so does every other utensil I've tried. A muddler, because after 4 drinks 'muddler' is the only word I can say without slurring.


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Old school French hardwood rolling pin with tapered ends. After you have finished muddling you can make croissant pastry:



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Forgot to mention, C&B were out of stock for a muddler, so instead I bought a wooden lemon squeezer from Whole Foods that does the job perfectly.

Use the bottom to crush the mint in the glass - it cost around $5.


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You can buy muddlers anywhere. I have at least four.

While Mojitos are a common use, they actually are used in the preparation of many other drinks. Particularly anything using lemon or lime, and even some exotic drinks, for example ones using basil.

Even though I have at least four, I often don't bother with them. They are kind of like ornaments or aucoutrements, you can just as well take the mint and rip it up or crush it with your fingers. As someone mentioned, a spoon is OK too.

I can make you the world's most perfect mojito.



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you can buy a muddler at tap phong (on spadina, just north of dundas very cheap, cheaper than everywhere)

craftybartender.com (local just north of toronto and who i use for bar tools when i compete in mixology competitions)

as for alex's rolling pin, a lot of mixologists use them... its better to have a non ruffled end as that shreads and bruises herbs/fruits, where as a blunt end, will press the essential oils out of the fruit/herbs/etc