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Need to open a DBF with 400,000 entries.


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I have a big DBF file (it's text, comma seperated) that has 400,000 entries.
ACT, Word and Excel CANNOT open it. I can view it in notepad.

I've been on google but the software I found don't seem like they support a database this size.

I need to find something that I can view/search/lookup/and export parts of the database.

Any suggestions .

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What do you need to do to it?

May be easier to cut it up into several smaller files depending on the software and hardware you have available.

You can do this in notepad or textpad if you copy the headers for each file.


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You can import it into Access pretty easily. Then you can view / search / lookup / export to your heart's content.


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I ended up breaking it up in notepad and using excel ( I don't have access ).
The file is all the business listings for Ontario(name,address,phone,sic code)
So, it took an hour but now I've reduced the database to what I need (which is just under 3000 listings).

Thanks - I still may try access for future listings.

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