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Need to find "FRESH" on DVD


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Anyone know where I can get it? I want to get it for my roomie for X-mas but I can't find it anywhere. I've looked at Sam's, HMV, Future Shop and hit a bunch of used stores with no luck. Amazon.ca has it but if I ordered it...it probably wouldn't be delivered in time.



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somehow i doubt that .com will get it to him faster than .ca

edit: try calling Bay St. DVD... they're just south of bloor on the west side of bay st, and they have a rather extensive dvd collection that hasn't let me down in the past.
ben, there's a dvd store on the lowerlevel of square one close to the zellers/wallmart whatever cheap ass store is on that end.

they can order stuff in for you - they had a dvd that I couldn't find anywhere in stock within a week after me placing an order - they may even have it in.

I'm just racking my brain trying to recall the fucking name of it.

Star something?!?!

Fuck. If it comes to me, I'll post it.
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