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need the name of a hair relaxer for african americans


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last time i used the stuff that white people use to relax thier hair and although it did not hurt my head as much it did not have the right effect.

I want proper straight hair!!!!!!!! Like the kind asians or red indians have.
Last time i got my hair relaxed right, it was in the west indian section of town. Other people have told me as well that in order to get the right effect you have to use the kind for african hair.

hurts like you cant believe but.... whatever

Anyone know of any name brands to pick up

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Ha aha hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

are you trolling?

I hardly think anyone would actually take your post seriously and then give you real advice...but what the heck. Someone might.

Oh and I don't know 'cause I only use gel.. so I gues that makes me a metrosexual (lame term)
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