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need original dnb material to feature on my new CD

jocelyn dee

TRIBE Promoter
I'm in the process of making a new mix CD (I'm almost out of copies from the last one I did) but I'd like to do something a little different.

For my new CD I'd like to feature as much North American talent as possible so I am seeking contributions from talented dnb producers that want to get their tunes heard. I can't promise too much in royalties (since as we all know mixed CDs aren't huge sellers) but I am just asking for permission to use your track on my CD and will give you full credit in the tracklist on the cover).

If I use your tune it will get heard by peeps across Canada and beyond (as I incorporate my mix CDs into my personal promo packages and feature mixes on my website). My CDs will alsw be distrubeted through my agent as part of her promotions (United Canadian Artists).

If you are interested, please email jocelyndickey@hotmail.com or check my website www.jocelyndee.com

I look forward to hearing from all those that apply.
Hey Deus - I have tunes in the works already but I need to make a new mixed CD anyway so why not give other producers a chance to get their stuff heard.

My CDs get sent out throughout North America so it is pretty good promotion. I have nothing but massive respect for people making their own music (as I have also started doing) but what good is making music if nobody hears it. I think music is meant to be heard and you can have the wickedest tune but if nobody hears it than what is the point ....