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Need Help Quick


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who's from brampton that can help me out?

i need to know the fastest way to Torbram and Steeles from downtown.

anyone? i need to leave in 20 minutes.


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That's what friends are for...

www. mapquest.com

Try this:

Gardiner/QEW to 427 North
427 North to 401 West
401 West to 410 North
410 North to Steeles
Steeles East to Torbram

That should work or a quicker route may be to take 427 North all the way to Steeles(if there is such an exit) and then Steeles West to Torbram.



Klubmasta Will

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1: Start out going North on BAY ST towards ADELAIDE ST W. 0.15 km

2: Turn RIGHT onto ADELAIDE ST W. 0.70 km

3: Turn RIGHT onto JARVIS ST. 0.24 km

4: JARVIS ST becomes LOWER JARVIS ST. 0.38 km

5: Take the HWY-2 W/GARDINER EXPWY. WEST ramp. 0.61 km

6: Merge onto GARDINER EXWY W. 13.97 km

7: Take the HWY-427/BROWNS LINE exit- exit number 139- towards HWY-401. 1.50 km

8: Merge onto PROVINCIAL ROUTE 427 N. 14.42 km

9: Take the FINCH AVE. exit. 0.55 km

10: Turn LEFT onto FINCH AVE W. 2.19 km

11: Turn LEFT onto STEELES AVE E. 4.09 km

Total Estimated Time: Total Distance:
33 minutes 38.81 km
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Klubmasta Will

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btw, mapquest kicks ass.

i once won a free dinner from someone who bet me that the fastest way to drive to calgary from toronto was through the u.s.

hah! :p


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don't trust that website libraD - its usually WRONG as Will and I both know!!!!

stupid mapquest - knows nothing about Canada or how to get end to end......


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Re: Re: That's what friends are for...

Originally posted by Libradragon

427 north doesn't have a steeles exit. (oh and i found out the hard way :() but the other directions should work!


Ivan I have a meeting there at 11am, and then I am headed to Sauga (hwy 10 and 401) for another meeting at 1.

Can I just go down steeles to Hwy 10 or do i have to get on a highway?

Actually take steeles to 410 South to 401 West and then 401 West to Hwy 10.

Or if you hate Highway driving you can take Steeles West to Hwy 10 and go south to 401.

Come visit me punk!




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frm downtown

take the qew west to 427 north
to 401 west to 410 north
get off at steeles go east
5 min. your there

from bramptonia

take steeles west to hwy 10

shawn<----knows any street anywhere(use to be a delivery driver)
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thanks ivan you rock.

the directions my client gave me was whacked.

i actually have to be at Excelsior Court (off of Ambassador).

I will call you if i have time to visit. :)


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If you going to ambassador

follow my directions but go south when you get to hwy 10

shawn<---works right there
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