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Need Help Finding Online pics


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I have been trying to find pics of People or Celebs wearing the new "trend" UGG boots! They don't have to be real Uggs...but Similar.

I need a pic for work...we are getting some Steve Madden "look-a-likes" in today and i want to make a poster type thing to put in the window. We get real uggs next year...but these will do for now.
i have been looking for hours....
can anyone help?
plz and thanks.
Pam Anderson wears them
Britney Spears, Kirstin Dunst..etc etc.
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Thanks, but that will Only get me a pic of the Boot.
I want to make an Ad Type thing to Put in the window of the store.

Damn Steve Madden, why didn't they just send me some P.O.P's with their boots and a girl wearing them?!?! GRRR

come on tribe.....HELP! i know some of you find them UGGLY but trust me, once you put your foot into them....WOW its great. SO warm and cozy. Winter isnt about looking good. Its about having warm happy feet!!

Woohoo I love my Emu boots!
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Hi i'm God

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They arnt quite hollywood celebs but in thier village in Nyuknyuk they're Famous.
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thanks a lot!!!:D

those two pics posted are the only ones i found...and well..they dont look the best!!!

The boots are GREAT for comfort and warmth!
Next season they are making them in Denim and Red...those are the new colors.
They are over priced...but cozy!!!
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i think they are the cutest things.... soooo ugly that they look cute... if that makes any sense at all.... comfy as hell too...