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need funky ass fun tunes for christmas party


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bunch of late 20's early thirty something hipsters..... need some tunes to spin their party..ya know stuff like alan braxe -running and 80's remixes (lione richie, love is in the airs stuff like that)..nothing too agressive but fun upbeat...get your ass shaking stuff..any suggestions?
Shake Your Rump
Hey Ladies

Just get Paul's Boutique.

Hoochy Mama, Me so Horny - 2 Live Crew. In fact, just get some Miami bass sounds.
I used to have a HUUUUGE 80's collection.

Anything by New Order
Anything by Tears for Fears (especially Mad World and Everybody wants to rule the world)
Anything by Genesis/Phil Collins
Tiffany/Belinda Carlisle/Martika/Nena
Flock of crap..err Seagulls
i saw this cd at hmv the other day that's electronic remixes of nat king cole and bing crosby christmas songs.

must buy it.
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I was hoping for..more stuff like..

work it out - cevin fisher
milk and sugar - love is in the air
fly life - basement jaxx
the biginerz - reckless girl

stuff with an edge funky fun, nothing too offensive, or mainstream...