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Need Booze, Please Help..


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LCBO's are closed, I called the dial-a-bottle listing in the yellowpages and the message said they were not taking any more orders..

Anyone have any other delivery services: phone numbers to share?
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P.S. The Amsterdam brewery is almost always open too.

Thats how I usually get my booze when Im too stupid to remember to stock up for holidays.

Buddy Holly

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Just snort a bunch of coke that should cure your jonesin''

Either that or just suck it up and be sober tonight. :( I would love to share the case of beer chillin in the fridge but I have to save it until I am over this fever.


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I just walked across the lodge I live at for two more weeks, and bought some. Booze, beer and wine.

Jasper AB is a long walk for you probably though.
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yah, just got back from work,,

....i need booze too!!


-Aleks [will trade weed for booze..heh]


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once i walked in to black sheep (pub), picked up a pitcher, payed for it and walked out the back door and went back to the house party which had ran out.
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No like ginger ale & crown royal is the grossest drink EVAR.

You know whats a good mix, vodka & grapefruit PC cocktail.
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