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Need a logo designed...


TRIBE Member
...but I'm Cheap :D

It's for a newsletter, won't be making any money so I don't want to spend that much if I can avoid it.


The newsletter would be called 'Glas Haus'
Ideally, the main colours would be blue and white
Ideally again, the logo would look like it's made of a translucent plastic.

If anyone is willing to help please leave a reply or PM me



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Originally posted by Adam


translucent plastic is so 2003

$9.95 please
well... it is a very modern design
however you failed to meet the neccesary requirements of the logo, so I will not be able to use it.
Please feel free to submit another treatment. :D

The Tesseract

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Normally, my consulting and artistic fee is $100
i have to pay off my copy of Adobe Photochop somehow.

but i'll make you a squeal of a deal... $500, plus scale.
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit
tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit