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Need a good Techno track LIST


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heylo tribers... need a good favor .... could you please help me out ................

need a good techno and tribal tracks lists.... whatever is good

thanks in advance

byes now

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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honestly, how long have you been posting on this board?

there's genre based rooms that could better suit your needs.


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I've posted this tracklisting so many times. :p

Seriously, though, this is easily the best 'classic' techno mix I have. Two hours of the best tunes of the 90s and a few from the 80s for good measure. The mix is up on The Watcher's FTP (if you can get to it, not sure what's going on there), readily available on SoulSeek too. And if you're just looking for individual tracks, hunting these down will be worth your effot.

Essential Mix 1999-12-19 feat. Jim Masters

Black Dog - "Merck" (Warp)
Rhythm Is Rhythm - "Strings Of Life" (Transmat)
Cyberton - "Clear" (Fantasy)
Optic Nerve - "Another World" (Direct Beat)
Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (Creative)
Beltram - "Energy Flash" (Transmat)
69 - "Jam The Box" (Planet E)
Kraftwerk - "Tour De France" (white label)
Nightmares On Wax - "Dextrous" (Warp)
Rhythm Is Rhythm - "The Dance" (Transmat)
Planetary Assault Systems - "Booster" (Peacefrog)
E Dancer - "Pump The Move" (Kms)
Ron Trent - "Altered States" (white label)
DJ Deeon - "House O Matic" (Dancemania)
D B X - "Losing Control" (Peacefrog)
Domina - "Domina" (white label)
New Order - "Blue Monday" (Factory)
Vainquer - "Ploy" (white label)
Aphex Twin - "Polygon Window Quoth" (Warp)
Dave Clarke - "Red 1" (Bush)
Adam Beyer & Lenk - "Drumcode 1" (white label)
Speedy J - "Rise" (Plus 8 Music)
Ken Ishii - "Extra" (R&S Records)
Plastikman - "Spastik" (Plus 8)
Green Velvet - "Flash" (Open)
Joey Beltram - "Forklift" (Novamute)
Dj Funk - "# 1 Pump It" (Cosmos)
Jeff Mills - "Step To Enchantment" (Axis)
Patrick Pulsinger - "Citylights Pt I" (Disko B)
Dave Angel - "Rotation" (Rotation)
Octave One - "I Believe" (430 West)
Lil Louis - "Blackout" (Ffrr)
Robert Hood - "Moveable Parts" (M Plant)
Suburban Knight - "The Stalker (Edit)" (Transmat)
69 - "Rushed" (Planet E)
D X - "Houseshift" (Reflection Music)
Purpose Maker - "The Bells" (Purpose Maker)
Marco Carola - "Tang" (1000 Records)
Marco Carola - "Eternity" (Design)
Surgeon - "Magneze" (Downwards)
The Advent - "Bad Boy" (Internal)
Red Planet - "Star Dancer" (Red Planet)
Laurent Garnier - "Acid Eiffel" (Fragile)
Steve Rachmad Presents Scorpio - "Aqua Dance" (Fragile)
Slam - "Positive Education" (Soma)
Basic Channel - "Phylyps Trak I" (Basic Channel)
Knights Of The Jaguar - "Jaguar" (U R)
69 - "Desire" (Planet E)
Galaxy To Galaxy - "Hi Tech Jazz" (U R)
Jedi Knights - "Blaff Reader" (Clear)