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Need a couple owners for deep keeper fantasy baseball - $35 (Presently in Year 2)


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Just reaching out to any of you who may be into fantasy baseball. Ok, reaching out to those of you who are really into fantasy baseball. Our league, currently in it's second year, is looking for a couple owners. A few of us on Tribe are currently in this league.

The set up is a three year, 24 team full keeper league. After three years, the major league roster will partially reset. Each team will be allowed to protect 6 players off their major league roster, with a maximum of two pitchers. Each team's minor league roster is protected and carried over in the reset. As previously mentioned, we are currently in year two.

It's a weekly league with a 10 batter active roster, 7 pitchers (4 SP/3RP or 5 SP/2RP), 8 man bench and 15 minor league bench slots. There are 4 divisions of 6 teams, and ever year the teams re-algin according to their final position in the standings.

There's a $35 entry fee. Payouts are as follows:

Division winners: $50 X's 4= $200

Third place - $75
Runner up (losing team in World Series) = $100
World Series Champion = $213

Numbers may be slightly different depending on exchange rates as CBS charges in USD. We have owners from all over - Canada, US and one in Europe.

If interested there are two teams that are currently available. I can send you a copy of the full constitution.

Email me at emailstuff0 at gmail if interested


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