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NBA Playoffs


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Hey yo.

There was an NHL thread...so there should be an NBA one too.
I know the playoffs already started yesterday, but let's make predictions.


NJ (1) vs. Indiana (8) - Indiana in 5
Detroit (2) vs. Toronto (7) - T.O. in 4 (just because I'm going to Game 4 :D )
Boston (3) vs. Philly (6) - Boston in 4
Charlotte (4) vs. Orlando (5) - Charlote in 5


Sacremento (1) vs. Utah (8) - Sac in 3
San Antonio (2) vs. Seattle (7) - Spurs in 4
Los Angeles (3) vs. Portland (6) - Lakers in 5
Dallas (4) vs. Minnesota (5) - Mavs in 5
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Originally posted by Stormshadow
Detroit (2) vs. Toronto (7) - T.O. in 4 (just because I'm going to Game 4 :D )

you BITCH!! that should be an AWESOME GAME!!!

here are my picks:

raps in 4
jersey in 5
boston in 5
charlotte in 4

sac in 3
spurs in 3
lakers in 3
dallas in 4


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steve nash is the man. did you see that fucking shot from half court to tie it up at the buzzer @!!!!??!@?@?!?!

canada represent in this muthafucka !

got the Heine's, some chicken roti and some nachos w/cheese n stuff... relaxing and watching a full day of sports... ~sigh~ what a great day.

it's all about the raps tonight though.

TOmmysmalls... who do you think is gonna step up tonight ? I say Davis and A.W. have big games.. MoPete is gonna need to step up his d.. and we have to worry about getting the ball inside like we've been doing in our recent 'tear'.. and worry about the outside jumper later in the game..

guy.. im soooooooooooo pumped. i love the raps.. i love the leafs... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOO !

and dave clarke is just around the corner...

... imagine dave clarke was a maple leaf... BOOYAH !


enjoy the games guys n gals.



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I love the Raptors, but there is no way they're gettin by the Pistons. Stackhouse and Wallace are gonna walk all over us in this series.

West Finals:
Lakers vs Mavs

East Finals:
Celtics vs Pistons

Boston and LA in the finals!

Paul Pierce is da shit :)
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indiana in 4
toronto in 4
boston in 5
charlotte in 4

sacremento in 3
san antonio in 4
lakers in 4
minnisota in 5

there are my half ass'ed guesses.



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i would also like to add that the 4 strongest teams are: lakers, rapters, hornets and kings. no team outside those four will make it to the final.