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nba on tnt theme song...


TRIBE Member
once that song is in your head, it will NEVER come out!!!

the same can be said for the nba on nbc theme song, although the tnt one has a greater effect on me, and im not even a big basketball fan!!



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nothing tops the NBA on NBC theme song. I mean we all know that JOHN TECHE wrote it, and he's the best. Did you ever see the tribute to it they did on Conan O'Brian where Teche got up there with one of those around the neck keyboard things and started wailing it out? GOLD!

Klubmasta Will

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they're both catchy. neither can touch the hockey night in canada tune though. :p

12th row on the blue line for game 7. that's right baby! (game 5 was probably the most exciting sports game i've ever attended ... can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

sorry - had to throw that in. :p


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dun dun dundadun dun da dunnnnnn doo doo do do do doooo dooo doooo do da do doooooo

dun dun da da da dun!!
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