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Natura - Montreal


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Too damn tired from the drive, will write a review later, I am just wondering if anyone hit the party, how did they like it...

Cheap Ego

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I have never seen such cracked out people in my life...but it was very thoughtful of the promoters to play happy hardcore in the indoor room, as to minimize the 'whistle effect' in the outdoor area. Good planning!

But aside from the plethora of crack cases, I had a great time!

The good:
-People that weren't crackbags were tons of fun!
-BLA set (duh!)
-Watching the tide roll in under a strobe light.
-Going for Mike's subs!!
-Seeing plenty of Toronto people there.
-Dancing at 10 am in two feet of water
-Watching the full moon suddenly pierce through eye-like holes in the thick could cover at 3 am.

The mmkay?:
-Overall, the music was pretty good.. a little too much on the melodic side, but still a lot of fun!
-Seeing the amount of garbage all over the place (no fun dancing barefoot on cans!) was a wee downer.. but maybe I was just spoiled by OM.
-Montreal partiers really like their whistles , (add to this the crackbag effect to fully understand how bad whistles sound over GOA when people have no sense of rhythm)

Very very much worth the 10$, that's for sure. Definitely looking forward to next year's. Overall it was another memorable weekend!


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We got there around 10pm, after a 18hr drive from Toronto. Set up camp, and I crashed for the next day, so I can't really say how Friday night was, all I can say is that my tent was really comfortable!

The Weather was ok, a little bit of rain, but nothing bad. The place was nice, a lake we can swim in, food we could buy, a playground and paddle boats and water skiing! I could not really get into the music, so I am not going to review it.

But overall it was a cool weekend, I am glad I made the split decision around 10pm Thursday night!

Looking forward to next years

Cheap Ego

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Breathe:
We got there around 10pm, after a 18hr drive from Toronto.</font>

did you get a ticket for breaking the 40 kph limit?


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no, but one of that people who we went /w in a different car got nailed for having one headlight busted. With the opther 'supplies' that they had on then, they dodged a huge bullet!

When we left around 2:30pm on Sunday, there were cops all over the road that you turn left from the camp site /w a radar gun and other one right when we turn on highway 161. it was crazy!
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Cheap Ego

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I only three cops on the way up.. although 1 of them was a reaaaaaally close call

Saw an SUV flipped on the side of the road on the way back too.... doin' the firestone shuffle