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nathan phillips square thing


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Very few people at 4 pm (20 - 30 at most). Lots of empty chairs. No promo = no people.
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always with the questions eh? look in the upcoming events forum and see who posted it.


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I wasnt even aware that anything was goin on.
bad promoting? or was i jus slow and not payin attention?

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hehe a lil hostile there dave

ya I can vouch no reporter

hopefully the turn out at the affter party is better... i had wanted to go to the day fesitval and the affter party but work calls. But I can make it to the affter party.

cheers -


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The tunes were awsome! No Algorithm though because he lives in Montreal. And in Montreal its not a long weekend..


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I have been to the last 3 events that Algo was supposed to be spinning at and he never showed at any of them.


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I decided to go on a bike tour today, biked from the mimico GO station all along lakeshore and then to nathan phillips square, got there around 5:30 and not that many people. Decided to bike to the islands and come back at night, so I come back and still not many people there. The music was good in the afternoon, I heard Envy DJ (the first DJ name I've heard thats "backwards") and he was spinning some good progressive stuff, G-money at night started off pretty good but then the music got pretty bland at the end, closing out with Another Chance was good, if he didn't play that extra half hour his set would have souneded liek it was totally cut off. All in all it wasn't no UP festival, dare I mention IDance.


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We decided to take the trek down to toronto today despite the fact we really had nothing to do. When we first arrived there were probably 10-15 people (all looking as though they were involved in the event). Decided to waste some downtown time shopping and come back at night.

Arrived back at nps in time to catch half the hip hop set. Really hype but half the people there were hardley noticing the music for some reason. The rest of the night was defintly noteworthy even if it wasn't a big crowd. Electric Avenue... mmm mmm.

What I don't get about this is I mean, free music, at city hall, on a sunny long weekend afternoon (AND bottles of water were only $1) and no one shows up? St. Catharines... has never had, nor probably will have anything along those lines... ever.

Take advantage of your situation people! You are very lucky even if you think you're missing out on "what it could be".
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i know some of the people that were putting it on. i think it was a case of promoting it a little too late. i couldn't come at all due to work, but i feel bad for them because their last event was also for charity and it too didn't turn out that well.

as far as algo not showing up for bookings, i think it's a case of promoters not actually booking him. generally he announces his toronto visits on the technolist and i haven't heard much to that effect lately.

anyway, it didn't work out so i think that's all that should be said. someone else posted something similar to this on another board and it made me wonder why people feel the need to announce something that failed, especially when it was for charity and not for personal gain.


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Its a well known fact that having the TRIBE logo on flyers for parties increases the turnout.



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this is the "REVIEW" room, so people are reviewing an event that has taken place! (good or bad)


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by billy:
anyway, it didn't work out so i think that's all that should be said. someone else posted something similar to this on another board and it made me wonder why people feel the need to announce something that failed, especially when it was for charity and not for personal gain.</font>



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totally dead.

would'a thought some caribana people might stop by to check it out or something ... but no.

I left after half an hour cuz I wanted to un-steady get my drank on ... sorry people.

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I stopped by around 1:30 expecting to see a bunch of people, but it was dead. There were about 5 or 6 people there. The dj was playing some crazy electro shit, I don't even know what it was but it wasn't too bad. The heat was too much to bear so I didn't stick around very long.

Smiley Jo

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Whoo hoo!
(Nice coverage by CP, regardless of the turnout!)


Adam Duke

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Little1: That was me and my partner kf playing - The Dukes. It was fun to tweak it out with some of our crazier electro tracks on a large system, but yeah, you were like one in our audience of twenty people...

and Tom (Par-T): YOU THA MAN. Much respect for being a mad fiend and getting your groove on in the intense heat - you are a machine.

tech care,


Par- T

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Aaaacccckkk! Faawwkk!

Oh god, I was sooooo hoping that nobody I know, saw that - wishful thinking, yes I know.

Flipping around the channels and decided to check out the entertainment portion of the news - oh the horror of seeing yourself on the screen, not just a quick second but actually lingering ...
Too damn few people to hide behind.

Jo, why weren't you out partying instead of watching City-TV news? I hope Jay didn't see my television debut or I'll never live it down (how do you compare his still shots and live TV action).

me-&gt; praying nobody else was watching .. please.


Tried to make it to see @m and KF, but they were on too early for party people who were out the night before.

Got there at 2:00 to find no tunes and no people. At least Rob & his friend from London showed up soon after, followed by Malia, Heather, Susan and Jacques.

Mike Shannon started his set about 3pm, with some good techno which got us moving, in spite of the overwhelming heat.

Envy DJ followed with some house and progressive. They had a live vocalist singing over top of the 1st half hour. She wasn't bad to start, but soon she got stuck saying the same things over and over again.

I enjoyed most, Sourfly's live PA of weird and wonderful sounds sprinkled in his set of electro, techno and D&B. So very cool, would have been better in a dark club instead of the blazing sunshine, but you take what you get. Someone totally worth checking out again.

Don Primo - hip hop and 2 latino rappers, what can I say, it's just not my thing. I started to get restless hoping this wouldn't go on for an hour as scheduled, but it did. At least the square filled with a few more people, but none were dancing.

Mateo Murphy got me moving again, thankfully we were back to the type of beats (techno, techno, techno) that I came to hear.

Haj did spoken word in between the sets, both prepared and freestyle. Conscious and thoughtful, a nice transition.

Couldn't stay for the rest of the show: G-Money & others, I was hungry and boiling.

Too bad there weren't more people. I'm not a fan of dancing out in the open with no one else around me doing the same.

City-TV - put your logo on your cameras and camera men so I know when to hide or sit down... shits!
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Par- T

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Hey @m, I can get my groove on anywhere, just varies on how long it lasts.
I had to stay up front in the shade, even if I was on display, too scorching in the sun.

Too bad I missed you, should have switched time slots with Don Primo.


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it's a crime when there's free fun out there like this and nobody hears about it. Granted anybody who showed up was as crispy as burnt bacon in 20 minutes. It was fucking HOT.

But, the music was good (Dukes, Mike Shannon, Sourfly etc...), so was the companionship: Tom, Heather, Malia. The organisation was a little off, what was with the big empty space in between the Dukes and the next act (45 minutes)! I almost thought the guy with the jungle CD + Stereo was the best it was going to get.

I had fun!