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Nathan Borrado/ECO.R1/Jelo @ Tonic


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Musically wise, one of the best nights I've ever had.

I caught last 10 mins of Nathan and I thought nothing could be better. Then Craig and Jelo also totally blew me away.

(Too bad that Tonic was empty).

These guys should play *everywhere*. Unbelievable music. Why other DJs don't play this stuff?

(I think Mark Oliver used to play something like this late at night @ Guvernment a couple of years ago before he switched to this stupid progressive trance he's playing now).
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I must agree, though i promote there and i'm biased, the 3 DJ's tonight absolutley blew me away with track selection & skills. I just met Craig tonight and he is an awesome guy. It's nice to work with talented people who are nice too-

Thanks for a great night boys! (Nathan Barato, ECO.r1, and Jelo)



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nathan barado plays the sickest sets on sunday's at some time in the void that is the zone, truly whips my ass when it is already beat.

...the only thing is that i don't know what to call what he plays- can anybody help me out?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
...the only thing is that i don't know what to call what he plays- can anybody help me out?[/B]</font>

I asked him the same question. He said it's hard to define styles exactly these days. He said it's just house with elements of tech-house.

Although from my experience, many DJs just don't care to classify their music. The best people to ask are the record store owners.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dimpy:
...the only thing is that i don't know what to call what he plays- can anybody help me out?</font>

You see him spin his Sunday treats at the zone? Nice job Dimpy, keepin it real with some of TO's finest.

Barato's style is funky, chunky, with some sweet tribal in there because it belongs. Definetly one of my favorites.

Saw him kick Ralph Lawson's ass a couple of years ago at Industry. Why those UK dj's even try is beyond me...


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I met Nathan @ the Zone last week. Great friendly guy, and killer funky techno for the first half of his set. Though I wish that all clubs would put a limilt on the # of times a track can be played in a day. If I hear the Bushwaka remix of Billy Jean one more time i'm gonna have to get myself a monkey, some small children and a good lawyer


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yeah i agree billie jean and smoke machine could be put to rest for a couple of weeks, but i guess because there tends to be 2 crowds, the after club one and the sunday night crowd they figure it's ok, but if you do the whole day or wander in and out it gets kind of painful...

remember boys and girls to click your heels 3 times and say there's no place like zone


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