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nasa rocket explodes during liftoff

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1st stage failure.
Story Musgrave being interviewed, says the engines on this rocket are Russian, made in Ukraine.


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Private industry space flight is messing up big time right now.

Officials: 1 pilot dead, 1 injured in SpaceShipTwo test-flight failure

Officials: 1 pilot dead, 1 hurt in test-flight failure - CNN.com

Richard Branson's Spaceship two just crashed.

Seems the private space industry needs to lay off the gas. They're moving to next versions of craft before they're properly proven.

The safety officers purposely blew up the antares rocket [two days ago] on lift off since it was immediately acting up, and was determined it wouldn't make it into orbit. So blow it up before it crashes into a populated area.

That was an Antares 130, while the two previous successes were antares 120.

The unmanned Antares rocket that exploded two days ago off the coast of Virginia was deliberately destroyed after it became apparent there was a problem, a spokesman for Orbital Sciences Corporation said Thursday.

Antares operator used destruct system to blow up rocket - CNN.com

Spaceship two came from spaceship one which was successful for for two years.
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