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NASA-friday night-booty-licious!!

Joker FX Cha

TRIBE Member
Man, this was a good switch up from the normal fri night routine

lots of fun peeps who just wanted to get there groove on...

great sets of funky, sweet summer latin and rollin' house beats provided by
Ryan Fletcher, Johan, Phantasm and Gryphon

Good times baby, Good times

janICE:> aka P's gurl

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Joker FX Cha:

janICE:&gt; aka P's gurl

And you both made it OH SO apparent...

Thx to Jmaggs and his crew too, adding to the cutesy couple madnezz...
*double gag*

Sorry, just bitter, but it was definetly a sweet time!
Good beats 4 SURE!!
(JanICE, I love my shoulder bag!! THX!)

Thanks to everyone who made it another incredible night for Nocturnal @ Nasa. All the DJs layed down some phat beats and the VERY ENERGETIC crowd blew the roof off that joint.

Tunes from this night are archived online @ www.groove.ca

Set times are as follows:
Ryan Fletcher 0:00 - 1:03
Johan 1:03 - 2:06
Phantasm 2:06 - 3:40
Gryphon 3:40 - 5:01

The next Soirée happens September 7th.