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Naomi Watts set for 'King King' remake

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sorry if this is a repost

Naomi Watts set for 'King King' remake


WELLINGTON — Naomi Watts is the prime candidate to play King Kong's female friend in Peter Jackson's remake of the 1933 classic movie, New Zealand media reported Wednesday.

"It's looking OK" for Watts to sign a contract to play Ann Darrow, Fay Wray's role in the original film, Jackson told Wellington's Dominion Post newspaper.

Jackson met Watts in London in October to show her some designs for the remake of the movie, to be shot against a stylized period backdrop of New York City, the newspaper said.

"She got really excited and it was great. Naomi's the only person that we've really approached because she's becoming so eagerly sought after by everybody," the director said.

Watts' films include The Ring and the new movie 21 Grams.

Shooting on King Kong is planned to start next August, mainly in his Wellington studios, Jackson said. The director's The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the final film in the trilogy, opens in North American theatres on Dec. 17.



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no really, i'm sure it's not that funny just that i've been up all night...

please tell me you intentionally typed king-king

i'm still laughing - priceless
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