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Nanomagical Material Can Make Nuclear Reactors Safer

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by glych t.anomaly, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member



    Fighting cancer or making nuclear reactors that constantly self-repair themselves, helping to avoid the possibility of another Chernobyl. Clearly, nanotechnology will either save Earth or convert us into Borgs. Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists are betting on the first option.

    Their new research work—published in Science—could make nuclear reactor much safer by using nanocrystalline materials. These materials are capable of patching the vacancies left by the atom collisions that result from atomic reactions. This is how it works:



    Their computer simulations have shown that this materials can work at a large scale, using a newly discovered event called the "loading-unloading" effect. The discovery will help build reactors that are resistant to the decay caused by the nuclear reactions themselves, which include "swelling, hardening or embrittlement can manifest in the material and lead to catastrophic failure."

    Anything that can avoid "catastrophic failure" seems like a good idea to me.

    Closer and closer to achieving things that we thought of 20 years ago was limited to Science Fiction.


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  2. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member


    That looks like a psytrance party.


    Did they also invent nano-font? How am I supposed to read that?
  3. Persephone

    Persephone TRIBE Member

    I think glych t.anomaly has officially replaced Deep as the penultimate Tribe tech+science geek.
  4. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

  5. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    the click link , is for the bigger pic :)

  6. WestsideWax

    WestsideWax TRIBE Promoter

    Shouldn't this go in the Nanoforum?
  7. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    nano particles - you mean the same ones the NWO used to bring down the twin towers??
  8. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    aaaaahh, I get it now. I assumed the clink link was for the article.
  9. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    yeah i only noticed after i initially posted the second image it was smaller, and the larger image link doesnt link nicely due to its expansion properties :)

    the other link is at the top of the page.

  10. the wiz

    the wiz TRIBE Member

    those are some pretty heavy concepts for five in the afternoon. I feel like I need some pre-rec courses just to understand some of the terms in that diagram. That glowing blue tube structure looks like where the Borg get their funk-on. I imagine Borg music would be similar to 90's Sven Vath style German techno with lots of samples about unity and assimilation. Boom-Boom--Boom--Boom--Resistance is Futile--Boom--Snap--Boom--Snap.
  11. LivingRoomPornstar

    LivingRoomPornstar TRIBE Member

  12. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter


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