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Name this track... for the love of God please!!!


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OK no time to waste,

I need the name of this one track. I hope some of you are familiar with www.dj-sets.com (if you're not... you really should be. They've got an ass load of good techno sets on there). For those of you who aren't...

Go to the website www.dj-sets.com, when you're there
go to the 'Sets' section that's labelled on the overhead column. From there click on the 'Techno' selection (you have a bunch of options on your lefthand side). Then you'll get a bunch of names in the center of your screen... scroll down until you see a name called Si Begg. Click on it... then click on the picture that appears to your right. Then use either the flash version or non version to hear the set.

What I want to know is.. what the hell is the name of the track that is played at approximately the 48/49th minute of Si Begg's set that's available on dj-sets.com !?! I think I'm in love... its so deliciously cheesey, hard, bouncy, funny and downright good ... i must have it.