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Naked Music boys and why they arn't brought in more often

Big Cheese

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It's almost 1 year since Andy Caldwell and Mauricio Aviles kicked the snot out of me @ Inside for the goldclub event

that party got me into naked music stuff, have been sorting it out ever since

I missed Migs last he was in town, pissed off still

but another question

with so many people using naked music material in their mixes and for how much love they get from people i speak to in T-O

why arn't they brought in more often?

are they too $$$? Not enough interest (and i'm just in the closet)? Are they hard to book, do they not spin in centeral canada (for it seems migs is usually in van city), just in the middle os studio work? :confused:

i can remember talking to andy in the booth for like what seemed 20 mins, just shooting the shit,then he'd get behind the wheel and spoke to Mauricio for what seemed like forever

got a list of their fav work for me to pick up, and a hand shake from both of them, seemed like class acts and totally happy to be there pumpin it out

although the crowd was so/so into it, and it was packed it was one of the best parties of that year in terms of music selection for me.. being ignorant of it all @ the time prob helped :eek:

so yeah discuss, 'er about general naked music stuff in general

plz n' thanx in advance for any 411

gregorski :^)
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Good point! Naked Music is all quality and all class...
And the good news is that Jay-J is in town...and you probably are aware that majority of the music on that label is eather made at Moulton Studios(Jay-J) or makes it through there at some point.

Also, yes, the Naked guys are hard to get as they are booked solid...
Miguel at UnaMas a few years ago was one of the best nights ever...such a tight vibe and good spirits...everyone gettin' down to the sounds of...on the floor, on the tables and everywhere else possible.

And, just fyi...Aviles is here in March.

let's get naked!

Jeremy Jive

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Trust me I am the biggest pusher of the Naked sound that you will find. I love everything they do. To me labels like Naked, OM, Moulton Studios, Tango, InSpirit, Papa and such are what true deep house is. I love the northern California and San Diego sounds.

However as much as I or some others may love it, it's just not what Toronto is about. This city loves their beats a bit harder and without the vocals. I put out a CD last September that was 90% tracks from Naked. It got a great response but almost everyone said the same thing. It would be better without the vocals. To me, the vocals are what make the tracks that much better.

Each of my CDs since have incorporated tracks from Naked. And every future one will as well.

This weekend Jay J is here and I think if you love the Naked sound you should head down to Surface. Show that there is a draw for this music. I'll be there front and centre.

I'm still waiting for a chance to see Andy Caldwell destroy a room.

jeremy -naked naked naked- jive


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RNB did a few parties a couple years back featuring artists from Naked Music...I believe Migs headlined one of them. This was held at Sunnyside Pavillion....couldn't imagine a better venue. 1000+ people grooving under the stars.

Ah the memories....

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Mauricio Aviles is coming back sometime in march for milk's new weekly @ revival........i think he did nude dimensions 3...and this is labelled as a naked music party...