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Nairobi Kenya Terrorist Attack


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It has been many years since I lived in Nairobi, but I can just picture the confusion and mayhem of the attack and then the confusion of the response to this terrorist attack by the authorities.

I am sure that by now they have some expert help and/or consultants from other countries on the ground that might help them resolve the situation. I hope it ends soon and they get any hostages left in that mall out alive.

When I lived there, Nairobi was full of soft targets, but I had thought those might have been hardened since the embassy bombing and the airliner missile attack attempt on the coast.

The recent fire at the Nairobi Airport and the lack of response by firefighters and rescue people was a telling indication about the lack of a solid coordinated response to a disaster or emergency situation.

The expats, NGO and diplomatic communities in Nairobi are going to be really nervous to be there from now on.
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"The weekend massacre at an upscale shopping center in Kenya is shining a new light on an old concern for Western counterterrorism officials: the recruitment of jihadist fighters from Somali communities in the United States, Canada, and Europe."

"In a message on its now-suspended Twitter page, Al-Shabaab named nine people it said were among the gunmen who stormed Nairobi's Westgate Mall on Saturday. Three of them were from the United States and one each was from Canada, Finland and the United Kingdom, it said."

Somali jihadists recruit in U.S., Canada, Europe - CNN.com


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One of the suspects is know as the "White Widow". Her husband was behind one of the London bombings, she plead ignorance and was let off but was soon involved with Al-Qaeda.

Kenya mall attack: anti-terror police believe British 'White Widow' Samantha Lewthwaite may be behind massacre | Mail Online