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n00b windows xp question.


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So I recently installed Nero so I could burn things properly. Now I don't remember seeing a option during installion to change my default jpeg viewer to Nero's crappy program or to change my default movie viewer to Nero's crappy showtime movie player. How can I fix this so it will go back to its default?

I've been poking around in Set program access and defaults but there dosn't appear to be any options to change stuff.

Cheers and thanks!
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open up a file explorer window... nav to a harddrive on your machine.. then go to Tools>>Folder options>> Filetypes

Therein you can set up all your file type associations by navigating to the file format you want, then changing the associated program.

>resists the temptation to make a "go back to macintosh" style joke< :D


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open whatever you want as your default player - goto options/preferences, there should be a check box that states "use this as your default media player"