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Myka & Ludikris @ LIFE


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First off, Ronnie & Nicole... it was great to meet the both of you and thanks once again for everything.

~ My friends and I arrived at Life shortly before midnight. Upon reaching the entrance we found out that Halo was unable to perform and instead, Myka was going to spin an extended set. No problemo. We get in, check our coats and head for the bar. Several beverages later and we're all on the dancefloor enjoying the music that Myka was playing. The 'Rock The Casbar' remix was pretty hype and I thoroughly enjoyed the horn tracks as well. After Myka came Ludikris. He played some pretty rough tracks that had people jammin'. When he dropped 'The Percolater'... I thought it was gonna turn into a 'booty' jam. My friends and I had a fun time, we all danced and we all enjoyed the tunes.

The back room was pretty damn crazy. At one point... there were three gorgeous blondes dancing on the tables !!! I've seen some crazy shit at Life but nothing like that. So, needless to say... we stuck in there for a while and took in a great show. The music was slammin' as well.

Sessions in the VIP room topped the night off and I believe it was just before 5am when we decided to head home. My calves are still sore.

* a little bird told me that Kenny Glasgow may be spinning an extended set on New Years Eve @ Life... any confirmation to this rumour ?

See you again soon guys...



PS. I'd just like to note... the fans were also nice... the breeze was good and it was a very comfortable room to dance in. Nice.
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Ha! Ha! The famous phatty-mcbatty P was there and we did'nt smell a thing!

Same story here, me and Suke went to life to check out Myka and Halo, but Halo was a no show so Myka had to rock it out for us. Myka, dropped some dirty ass tribal on us for a bit. I was in heaven. Lots of drinks, lots of room to breathe, it was awsome.

Then Ludikris came on and I wasn't expecting much after seeing him play the family room and also Comfort Zone. He had me and Suke eating our disses as he dropped a solid set that had the whole room hoppin. He went from one sweet percussive track into Percolator and from Percolator to La-La-Land. Very dirty! Suke was dancing...I saw him.

Happy Holidaze


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by fleaflo:
Ha! Ha! The famous phatty-mcbatty P was there and we did'nt smell a thing!

Dood... I was the white guy in the red hat standing in front of you and Suke in the guest list line-up. I was beside that filipino guy with the glasses. The only reason I know that Suke was behind me was cuz when Stephanie asked him if he was on guest list... he said he was and that his name was Suke. Strange.

But yeah... the tunes were hype and the dancing room was great. I think that was my favorite crowd in a long while.

Next time fleaflo..... sessions a gwan !



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i missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

my room mate was leaving vancouver the next morning, and i had to help some stuff..that i was ready to leave (got all ready and what not))..but could not leave the house..
and since i had to wake up 8am the next day, i just could not attend the party.

i am sorry about this, but ronnie and nicole, i truly appreciate your kindness, however.

hey, fattyp.
i would like to meet you one day.
but i am going to pittsburgh for new years.
email me at mystique_kumi@yahoo.com
if you saw this and let me know what is your plan for 26th-28th.
if you and vench were up for dancing, let me knowwww.

hungry for dancing..




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Ludrikis came cross with a :HUGE: surprise. Had no clue he owned those records. Mos Def a good night. We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time and we don't need a crowd either.
fatty ... sorry, I only know the back of your head.
Flea ... you know I can catch wreck if the tunes are on point like the House Of Pain. However, my frame was paying for it the next day.
I didn't see any skins inside the arena.

Ludrikis should mos def play those tracks more often.
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hey everyone... HALO is playing for the last Nation @ Life next week... anyone on this list who came & missed him on the 22nd can email mwepublicrelations@hotmail.com & i'll put you on my guest list!