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myagi - plantary attack video


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Originally posted by Chubbs

you didnt know your own video was being made? :p
no one tells me anything :(

but it is a nice surprise! chances are they mentioned it to me while i was out one night....that seems like a good excuse


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pretty sick Andrew. Too funny that you did'nt know:)

where the fack have you been hiding lately, anyway?


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i just moved home - im goin mad trying to get my last course finished and getting ready to move overseas, hopefully before next summer


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the 2 wars boys were shooting a Scissorkicks video today... I wanted to be in it... but I had to work. Apperently that little kid that is in that Sean Paul video in a basement, is breakdancing in the scissorkicks vid.


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"wild" is a KILLER track - its gonna blow up along with the plethora of 2wars gems about to be unleashed