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my updated on my life in Tokyo...part 2


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okay. so about a month has passed by since i moved myself to Japan.

i have been spending most of my time and energy for the work that i decided to work for, but since the work environment that my boss created for me has been rather shitty and stressful and lame, I have been stressed out agaist my desire for an ultimate life here in Japan to be honest.

My boss put myself in a situation where I am responsible for everything as if I am the CEO of the company due to his lack of language skills in Japanese and knowledge in Japanese business custom (so when a person calls the office asking for my boss and if he only speaks Japanese, I must talk to the person as if I am his secretary, and apologize for him even though I also agree with the person who is claiming and complaining of things that my boss is responsible of).

I told my boss that I would not just continue working there unless he promised to change the work environment.
I asked him to hire someone else that I will be able to have a day off on my sick days, and I can focus on tasks more productively in the hours of my day that I have commited to work for the company.

But on the next day, the truth revealed that I learned that the company does not have a license to do what they do.
Therefore, it is fucking@illegal for him to run the company he runs.

Supposedly, the law has been changed in Japan last december for the e-commerce business that the employees and CEO at that time tried to convince my boss to fucking get the license, but he decided not to so all the people decided to leave to not risk themselves as a part of the company.

Now that I do know of the truth, I feel very guilty to contact our clients who pay us some commision for the customers we deliver for the hotel reservation.

Since the world cup is happening already in 30 days now, if the customer we delivered to the hotels and ryokan cause some problems there and the hotel contact the police, this truth that the company does not have the license will reveal on its own just as a nature of every single existence, and I will need to fucking deal with it if I continued to work there even though I do not agree with my boss's objectives to run a company morally.

So I told my boss that I ain't working for the company anymore, and even though I know that I am responsible for my own feelings, I feel betrayed by my boss now just because i trusted and believed in my boss, which is truly my fault, cause I had no clue about him to begin with.

But since I am now here in Japan, I am trying to tell myself that this shite was supposed to happen so that I can move on and find a better work environment to invest my time and energy that becomes something positively for myself.

My friend has given me a proposal to work with him, and since it is his boss that will need to pay my salary, he needs to convince him to hire me. If the boss okays him, I will get to work as a publicist for a promotional company with my friend who has made a contract with Jeff Mills for an underground residency here in Tokyo for two months after his not having a residency for 10 years since his last one at limelight.

So I am crossing my fingers that things happen for me, so I will soak my feet into this music that I have my passion for.

A girl whose name is Julia in the house that I live in is such a lovely girl that I would perhaps fall in love with...lol She is from England, and I am very glad that I have met with her here in Japan..cause I do not get to meet with people who has things in common in Japan.

A girl, her name is Kurita-san on the floor of the building that I work for is super funny that she always keeps me giggle at work when things are not funny with my boss so i hope to establish a good friendship with her as well.
She has this mighty power of an osaka residence that she has no pride nor hesitation or shy or conservatism that I love her.

Tokyo is very strange: all of the people are formally dressed well all the time that there is never "hey, check that guy, he is dressed nice..sexy thing" anymore as you are so used to people who are dressed well, do not have any emotional expression on their face, always staring at their cell phone on the trains, and even though I see this many faces that I have never seen in my past life as I bring myself to the tokyo station every morning,
all i see is the same face that it makes me fascinated to find a face that tells me something different about them...hehe

however, during this week what we call, golden week where we get to have 4 national holidays straight, i saw some different curious faces in the station as they appear to be from somewhere else and they were looking around the signs and stores inside the station.

mylife has been like this, and i realized that i need to get back to the start line once again. I feel as though I am living my life in abroad even though i have the face of Japanese, and hope to spend my time for myself productively to grow and never ever do anything for the sake of money or superficial reasons.

wish me good luck in the job thingy so that
i will be able to be a part of people to change things in the music scene in Japan.



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fuck i can not even speak english anymore (looking at the title of my thread) lol

here are a few pics that i took.



on the way home this weekend, i realized that there are so much nature in japan...i love the green in this country..things appear to be sooo different from what i used to see in north america, that i really felt that i saw something that i had never seen in my life when i saw many many gigantic asian trees and plants from the window of a train..

i hope to bring myself to an environment like that one day to show you guys what i saw :)

French Disco Girl

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kumi - your pictures are beautiful :)

i'm crossing my fingers and toes for you [and will include you in my prayers] for your new job prospect. keep a smile on your face :)


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its a god thing you got out of that job when you did. it would have sucked had you gotten in trouble with the law :s

hopefully you get that job :) sounds like it'd be awesome
keep us updated on that

have a good "golden week"

Jesus, I thought things were tough over here. Hope things get better Kumi and that the goals your going after are yours.

Wonderful pics from Japan btw, I really must get my ass over there and experience it for myself, and be looked upon as the freak I am with the blonde hair amongst the masses.

From the Ministry of good luck Kumi, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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oh wow, those pix's are beautiful....Makes me wanna go to Japan even more now than I did before.
hope everything works out for you with your job.


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those pictures are beautiful! i always love seeing pics of different countries, landscapes, etc. more please!! :)
best of luck on the job front, it sounds like you're going through a lot. patience, time, positivity and hard work will get you in the right place, you just have to have faith :)


jus me

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Have faith!

I'm glad you decided to leave your job! You probably would've gotten in trouble too, if you would've stayed! :)

Hey, at least it's just been a month! And not a year till you found all this out! Don't fret, it takes time to get yourself established and into the groove once you move.

I hope you get that job as a publicist! That would be great!

*Btw*, those are great pics Kumi! Too bad I didn't take fotos of gardens when I was there. Damn the monsoon season! :p


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Thanks guys! :)
Well, the shittie part is that the company people whom my boss is owning some money is forcing me to stay there until they find someone.

despite of this 4 days- holidays, my boss was also demanding me to work on those days off even after i told him that I did not want to work there anymore.. so he is a stupid man..

i emailed my boss yesterday that i feel very guilty representating myself as a staff of the company now that i need to have some time out from getting back into the office so i am not showing up in the office today.

he has not emailed me back..so i really have no clue what and how he feels about the whole thing.

anyhow, so i feel dreadful about the fact that i need to spend at least 10 hours of my day working there losing my morality and soul and forcing myself to do what i do not truly agree with.

THAT, i am so angry of, and seems i have no other choice but to do it.

My friend told me that I should demand some sort of pay from the people who is forcing me to stay there so that they can get the money from my boss... But after myself knowing of all these truth (illegal act), I can not even do that, because if I accepted the money offer, it will indicate that I am a part of this deeply, and I will get into a bigger trouble.

Anyhow, my friend will call me tonite to let me know of the news to see if i can work with him or not..so i hope to let you guys know of the updated information soon.




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Sorry to hear not all is working out the way it was supposed to. I'll email you more later.

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well chris, the thing is, i had asked my boss to come up with a better contract a while ago: better environment (more employees) and better pay and overwork system or hourly system..etc.

anyhow, so if he did come up with something like i get
5 G per month, i would have probably get the offer and signed a yearly contract with him being so blind with the monkey money business..and it would be a shittie thing if i did sign a contract and i found out of the truth later on...

but this shitte thing has happened now that i have no other alternative but to move on..

this may actually a good thing, cause i could have become blind with the money business, and i may have ignorantly wasted my time here just for the sake of money and nothing that would lead to my future when i make my return in north america career wise..

and this incidence has made me realize that i must do something about my job situation and i must get into the music scene business, cause that is what i have my passion for...

so i hope that the publicist offer will come to me then i can tell myself that all of this was supposed to happen so that i can start working with people that is well respected in the music industry which will be a good thng for me more so when i make my return in north america in a long run..

anyhow, i can not get all dreamy here.
i will wait till i hear from my friend.

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you have to do what is going to make you happy. At the end of the day, if you look at yourself in the mirror and cannot smile or think of one good moment from your workday, then you must do something to make things better.

I say follow your dreams, but not at the expense of being broke. Keep working and something better will come along. I am following my dreams and I couldn't be happier. I don't know what I'd do if I had to wake up everyday and dread going to work, but alas, I do not have to worry about that.

Kumi - you are a bright young woman who has passion, drive and whose insights and observations are extremely passionate. Do what will make you happy. Look at your life now and see where you want to be in 5 or 10 years and make it happen. I'm doing it.

Keep your chin up - brighter days are ahead.



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reading your updates has made me think of that robert frost poem i sent you a while ago - and i'll post it again:


The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could.
To where it bent in the undergrowth,

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


good luck with all of your travels Kumi!


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Thank you guys.
Well, I really do agree with what you guys have shared with me: i will do what makes me happy and never try to like what i do..

That helps me to have the life that i can only have and i personally believe that that is why people suceed in certain things..without having passion and dreams, how could one become so fullfilled and happy?

the boss of the company that owens the floor talked to me today, and told me all sort of things to convince me to stay here.
I can understand that i can surely grow as a stronger person if i can work in this environment..but at the same time, i have already realized that there is no need to even change my psychology to adapt to this working environment simply, it's not worth it.

I am the one who is the only employee.
From the boss, I learned that my boss is owning quite a LOT of money.
But when I overwork to handle all of the tasks that my boss demands me to do, and when i see him leaving the office without hesitation, I rather lose my energy than gaining to continue working here.

The boss has also told me that I should probably treat my boss as my patient and practice psychology if I majored in psych.

But I have also realized that I learn nothing from my boss that I do not want to spend my energy to the company that is full of shite due to his own failure (irresponsibility, disorganization and so on).

I personally think that it was too wrong for him to start a business without knowing anything himself.
Perhaps, his superficial thought to make money is causing what we have currently that my boss should deserve all of this that was caused by his ignorant actions..

anyhow, my friend informed me that he could not have the meeting yesterday.

so i do not have the news about my music scene job offer quite yet.

but I hope to keep you guys updated on this :)

thanks again!