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My Tune Is On Beatport Now!


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Today is the day!

'Ya Dig' is out now along with 14 other fine tunes from the crowd over on Nuskoolbreaks.co.uk. This is part of the NSB Uncovered Mix by Ben & Lex on Ape Music which features tunes from predominantly up and coming Breaks producers.

Here is the blurb from the press release:

"Imperial Thrilla – Ya Dig: Another 1st for NSB Uncovered sees Canada’s Imperial Thrilla lay down a track with all the right ingredients for an early doors beast. The bouncy bassline and tight drums get you locked in before the signature vocal announces the arrival of the hands in the air, floor filling lead that takes this track to the next level."

Click the link and support a Canadian Breaks Producer :)


You can also check out the full tune on my myspace page http://www.imperialthrilla.com

Be sure to check out the full album mix as there are some sick tunes on there!


Imperial Thrilla
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Thanks Folks.

The tune is available everywhere online now, so I hope to be putting the down-payment on the cherry red Ferrari once the first checks come in :D