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My trademark ring has broke!!


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6 years I have worn this butterfly ring. 6 years!!
This ring has started many a conversation, from cashiers to people standing in line...
my favorite all-time ring in the whole entire world!


My finger feels, nude. I never took this ring off, it was totally a part of me. :( :( :(

oh butterfly ring, I will miss you dearly.
Now, what to replace her with?

Fly lil butterfly, spread your wings and fly away. :(
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Originally posted by joey
have it fixed?

gah, it's warped and totally snapped. bent.

but maybe...maybe I will take it too see if I can.

*hopefully* I don't think I'll find this ring again.

engagement ring sounds like a nice idea.


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they can fix it....

i was wearing my grad ring and had my finger slammed in a car door. (the ring was theonly thing that saved from me breaking my finger (and I was in Kentucky with no medical coverage... that would of been a long drive home....) Anyways, my ring was mangled. I took it to a jeweler and he fixed it in like 5 minutes and it only cost me like 10 bucks.


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sweet ass!

I never honestly woulda thought to take it...as it IS just a silver ring. But it's MY ring, my fave ring.

thanks, good thing you had your on! saved your finger!

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Yeah Jewelers can fix a lot of things. Is it just the band that busted or is the "butterfly" part fucked? If it's the band then no worries. (my stepdad is a jeweler)


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Originally posted by labRat
did gollum drop it in the burning depths of mount doom?

That's funny because I was going to ask where it is now, because chances are it can be fixed.


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this thread sucks without pics!

btw you said nude!

btw was your ring like the size of one of those Ring Pops?
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Cheer Bear

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Fix it!

OR, have the butterfly part of it made into a necklace so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

If it means alot to you, you should keep it around :)


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here, print this out and tape it to your finger


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How about this then?

Having Mongo pic out a ring for you as a replacement is going to get you anywhere.

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aw, i *totally* understand. my "trademark" necklace broke in the summer and i bawled like a baby. i gave it to my mom, hoping she'd be able to find someone who could fix it, but then i sorta gave up and found a weak replacement for it.

(but dude, it was weak.)

and then yesterday, when i opened my birthday present from my parents, there was my old necklace, attached to the top of it! they had had it fixed for like, FIVE BUCKS apparently.

i had *reeeeeeally* thought it was a write-off too, so you shouldn't give up. take it in to have it fixed!


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Originally posted by SneakyPete
boowhooo :p

I'll BOO-HOO you fucker!

*thanks to all who understand my torment*
<--taking it to the mall this week

Squirrely, thats awesome! YAY RENTALS! :)


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At least you didn't lose it

you'd probably feel more ripped off if you lost it. (if that makes you feel any better)

Can't most rings be fixed by a jeweler?

Sunshyne Jones

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i know a couple of independent silver jewellry designers / makers / artisans if you are thinking about having a new one of a kind trademark ring made for yourself.

have NO idea how much they cost but if you're interested I can find out. I have seen rings from one of these people ahd loved them and I have a ring by the other and love it!

fyi their designs are are usually chunkier rather than small and slim but they do custom as well.

one is in Toronto and the other in Halifax.

- Richelle

The Tesseract

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My mom used to have this little chain she'd hook her glasses on. It broke. I fixed it, and then it broke in my hands again when i showed my mom it was fixed.

fucking jewellry, i tells ya!
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