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my second near-death thread!


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after suffering through a overly long office meeting | social gathering with the board of directors at my ngo, i hopped on the vintage 650 yamaha and headed back to toronto. because it was late and someone stole that last glass of wine i had claimed to numb the boredom, i chose to blast the QEW back to town rather than putter on the lakeshore.

sure, fine.
i was crusing at 140k, and marvelling at the snotty little vintage bike growling below me when it all went to pure shit and terror. i lost power in 6 lanes of traffic, falling from 140k to not being able to do 40k, with tons of cars screaming around me, honking and swearing. i had to make my way from the fast lane to an exit, any exit. right fucking now.

so i picked my way through the traffic swerving around me, sometimes close enough to touch, trying to get my ass the fuck off the QEW. no one give a shit about a disabled motorcycle, regardless of how much the rider prefers to stay alive.

so there i was, at islington just off the QEW with a broken bike that sounds terminal. my tool-free roadside dianostic says dropped valve or broken cam-chain and prolly a scored piston and cylinder as a bonus [read: expensive]. with a broke-ass bike and a very bad attitde, i called the two people that may have been able to help with a truck. neither were around.
so i look at my options: fuck all.
so i start to push the bike.


after pushing for an hour i got past mimeco station and was down to the lakeshore, fielding comments from all the ass-hats that i passed.
no, i don't need gas, do you need a kick in the junk?
yes, it is broken, so why don't you fuck yourself?
i am nothing if not polite.

there was an obnoxious hill by a string of motels that all most killed me, my first break came at the top of it. thank god i am wearing my favourite black workshirt and saucy little square toe shoe-boots, i'd hate to not look stylish pushing a 500lb bike.

still on the lakeshore, pushing along the bike path with the rollerbladers and cyclists. some dude on a bmx rides beside me for a bit, asking all sorts of stupid questions. i consider smashing his face on the bike path and watching him spit up teeth, but i really don't have the energy anymore. i take a break at the palais royale, where a crowd of hipsters appears for some NXNW show. i thank god that i don't look like the idiot in the beige suit jacket, matching bermuda shorts and news-boy cap. small pleasures.

another hill that almost kills me, just before the jameson exit. i see stars and can hardly work the kickstand at the top of it, i think i barfed a little. i get as far as the liberty grand before i get a phone call. nope, no trucks available from the calavry, but soon there wil be juice and ice cream.

a long break at dufferin and king. the girl comes to rescue me, bringing a litre of juice and a creamy drumstick, but alas, i still have miles to go and not much steam. i get to shaw and turn north, knowing that dundas is so close.. i have to lean the bike up against things now as i can't work the kickstand anymore.

i need a break every half block or so, now - i could not make it from queen to dundas. but i am so fucking close. francis finally gets home and meets me at the corner, taking the bike from me before i die.

final tally: 13k of pushing, two barfs. one broken, battered little me.
moral: fuck you, world.
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next time call a tow truck.. or caa.. i'd rather spend 200 bucks then push a broke as bike for three hours..


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call a towtruck next time. you can get CAA for a bike, you know.

wooo lucky1 beat me by one minute!


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tow trucks do not work with bikes, unless they are a flatbed type.

and caa has a one week wait for their 'enhanced' service that includes bikes.
i really had few choices.


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serously though.. why did you decide to push it? if you are driving a bike you appear to have a little disposable income at your well.. dipsosal.

there are many flatbed towtrucks. Last time i had CAA thats the kind they sent to me... (i had a car not a bike)


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What the shit? You pushed a bike all the way from Islington to downtown?

Surely there's a better way!

edit: I guess you already answered that.
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i could have left it where it was and searched for a flat-bed tow truck today, missing a day of work.

i could have found a dude with a pick-up who wanted beer money.

i could have waited a week and got caa coverage.

that is about it.

personally, the nearly dying thing was much more noteworthy than the pushing.
but that is just my opinion.


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dude I've seen too many towtrucks with bikes trussed to the liftjack to think that you have to have a flatbed to do it... I mean, call AAAAAAA towing and ask them on the phone! Seriously. But anyway, what's done is done and it wouldn't have been much of a tribe thread if you'd just had it towed.


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the bikes being towed on a hook truck are bouncing around like fish and smashing everything.

no one would put their bike on a regular tow truck if given the choice..
it causes more damage than it is worth.
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Boss Hog

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Maybe you should trade down for a Vespa. At least that way you have no possible way of hurting yourself, because they just don't have any speed.


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just for fun I went looking for towing companies in the Toronto area.. yeah, maybe you should have just pushed it home like you did....


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Flashy_McFlash said:
Couldn't you have taken the thing to a gas station and waited there for your lady/called a flatbed truck?

that would depend on how stubborn you are.

and no, at the moment disposable income is at a nasty low.
littlejon said:
after pushing for an hour i got past mimeco station and was down to the lakeshore.

Fuck, that sucks.
Is everyone of your muscles sore right now?

You pushed your bike right past my place!

Edit: next time this happens, just leave it in my parking lot and get CAA.
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a fill up is only $12 for 200k.
and i did go across evans.. i could have used a hook-up.

and yeah val..
there is not a place on me that is not broken.
thank god for percoset!


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A friend of mine died last week on his motorcycle due to reckless passing, which turned into a head-on collision with a car.


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that dude on the bmx nearly died, from my rage-o-hol.

leaving the QEW with no power honsetly scared the shit out of me.
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