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My screen is snowing?


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I don't know if it's my monitor or my video card. When I'm doing anything normal like surfing the web, or doing different things my monitor is fine. BUT when I play video or when I play vid games, my comp screen would start snowing.... like white dots will flicker on and off in different areas.

Is it my monitor I need to change? or my video card?
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its defenatly your video card , try taking it out and make sure the heat sink/fan is clean and has good contact with the GPU.


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your video card might be overheating

does it have a fan/heatsink? (it probably does)

is the fan broken, or is the heatsink not making contact?


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yay I found out the fan stopped working on my vid card.....

oh well I was gonna upgrade anyways.....

6800 Geforce!!! WEEEE!!! :p