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My RECITAL.... anyone interested?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
I'm there.

From the Ministry of Moez's night then Dave Seaman. Yipee

Prime Minister Highsteppa

That's exactly what I was thinking! Johanne this is perfect, I can't wait!


Cheer Bear

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yes I do.

I'll have to find some nice clothes to wear.

I've been wanting to hear you sing forever.

heh heh


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just thought I would bmp it because it is this week-end :)

thanks to all those interested and who are coming.
I am very excited (but extremely nervous.)
it should be interesting to say the least!
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I'm glad you bumped it, someone much less responsible than I might have forgotten about it :eek:

See you there !
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Count me in.

Are u going to be nervous with all of us there though???

I am nervous for you already. I can't wait.
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Johane, I hope your recital goes *well*.

I'll be in Windsor this weekend and unfortunately will miss your event. :(



.:. Share what you know, learn what you don't .:.


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that's sooo cute!

Originally posted by Subsonic Chronic
I will be there, of course. :)

For those of you who haven't had this pleasure yet, she sounds like an angel when she sings.


All together now:
Sorry I can't come-we'll find a nice hallway sometime..


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Woo hoo!

Its been a year and half since I found out you sing, and I've wanted to hear you since then. Somehow i ended up missing your last year's recital, so I'll definately be there this Sunday.


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Me, Olga, her sister, my buddy Tim and possibly one more will be there Johanne for sure! I can't wait!

8pm at RCM right?!

See you all there! Yay! :D

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change your recietal to 10pm..then i can come after work.
i'll be cheering you on from work Jo, good luck!!!

<--the original Johane groupie :)

(are you singing my song?)


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where's a good place to park for this?

im coming in from waterloo and i'll be there earlier for dinner and then head on over. since it's right by the university, is there anywhere to park in there that isn't super-duper expense?

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