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my new toy!


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Finally it has arrived my Allen&Heath X-one62! what a beautiful day it is:) I've already started tinkering, there's so much this mixer has to offer its crazy! If anyone has any tips to help me along please do tell.


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Originally posted by poker face
*cough* brag *cough*

-Excuse me did you just do the brag cough? what is that from the 1900's?

-I don't think they got the memo about the brag cough!
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Adam Duke

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Maybe we should get your new woman and my new women together.....FOR AN ORGY!!!!

What could be better than two guys and two Xone 62's, really?


Glad to hear it man...you'll be a changed man!

@m. <-- pro-A&H!


Originally posted by Mr_Furious
^^ has everyone on tribe seen that movie?

I guess I can't say anything.....I saw it too :rolleyes:

It was so bad it was good!!

poker face

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Well ok I have recieved some free gear over the past few weeks such as:

Kaos Pad
Alesis M4 Drum Machine
Cerwin Vega Speakers
and a Gemini mixer (woohoo!)

so I guess I will brag a little!
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