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My new phrase!


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Inspired by when I spent a good portion of my night plotting how I was going to throw Tearer's date (that little tramp) into the lake at one Tribe BBQ, my new phrase of the week is bitch-tossing.

I successfully got someone to use it today.

It's the new donkey punch!
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Originally posted by starr

i somewhat agree with that article and have attempted to lessen my use of the word bitch

I actually was of that mind-set too not too long ago.

I freaked on someone on here (forgot who it was) for his misogynistic comments. I totally agree with that article.

But I also believe that language can be negated and used to our advantage. And profanities are fun and ironic!

YES! Fun AND ironic!
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yeah, i didn't realize i felt that way about the word bitch until after i read the article

i had been using it less anyway, but could never put my finger on why it was starting to bother me

meh...i'm not sure it can be reclaimed without refraining from using it for awhile

i dunno we'll see