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My new favorite show is The Americans


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The thought of Kerri Russel in a spy show almost put me off watching it, but man is she awesome in this! SHe is ageing so well and rocks as a lethal deep cover spy willing to do anything for her country. It flushed Felicity and her douchey boyfriend right out of my mind.


The look of the show is pretty cool too, highlighting the blandness of the gas guzling vehicles and the suburban kmart fashions of the period.

Also the custom extended remix of Fleetwood Mac's Tusk on running through the first episode was terrific.


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Keri Russel is amazing and the guy that plays her husband pretty good too.

It wasn't that long ago that most US foreign (and a lot of domestic policy) was set up to counter percieved Soviet threats. I am sure we'll never know how close we all came to getting blown up by a nuclear exchange in a bipolar world.

These days, it is hard to image a world not driven by percieved terrorist threats, but it did exist.

I like how this show has the chops to address the broader political context but also highlight the kind of deep cover gruntwork that was going on at the time.

This is like Homeland thirty years ago.


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been saying this in the fall show thread for a while. :D

Absolutely love it. Well written, great story line and amazing characters. Best thing other then GoT that's on TV atm..
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