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My new CD, click for a free copy


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I have been working quite hard on production and a new mix comp for the last 3 months therefore I haven't been actively pursuing any Dj dates, but the hard work has paid off!!

Introducing the new mix entitled, NEW TIME, NEW PLACE mixed, mastered,scratched, and cut by Decepticon and my new breakbeat alias Matt Dublin.

This cd features over 2 hours of music on one disk! First get your feet wet with the funky tekno styles of Decepticon showcasing tracks by the Audio Bullys, Donald Glaude, the Chemical Brothers, Tiga, Mauro Picotto, and even Missy Elliot as well as unreleased tracks by Chris Anderson, Joey Beltram, and introducing the Spekr Freks. Next up is the breakbeat styles of Matt Dublin a new alias I have created as breakbeat bookings seem to be getting a lot stronger thanks to WOMP! FREEBASS, and Proton Radio(big up to
Wes, Monica, and Angus) This mix features tracks by Moguai, Unkle, Chris Carter, Atomic Hooligan, and Dj Shadow as well as unreleased tracks by Freeland feat Josh Wink and Tom Middleton, Plump Djs, and couple of cheeky bootlegs ;)

first 20 people to send an email to info@djdecepticon.net will get a free copy sent in the mail next week :)

Full Tracklists as follows:

CD MIX - Decepticon
Title - Artist

1.Intro - Decepticon
2.Come with me - Alexkid
3.Distortion - David Guetta
4.Groove Voodoo - Aaron Chase
5.Get yourself High -Chemical Brothers
6.Way too Long - Audio Bullys
7.Digitizzle - Guided Methods
8.Slide - Missy Elliot
9.Disco Tech - Snap Mode
10.Operator - Relight
11.Searchin' -The Dukes of Sluca
12.In my Eyes - Sinema
13.Can you Feel it -Czr
14.Extension - Joey Beltram
15.Sad Girls - Sinners
16.New time new Place -Mauro Picotto
17.Mindgames - Spekr Freks**
18.Very Nice - Dj Misjah
19.Tribal Fear - Sinesweeper
20.U Cant Stop it! - Chris Anderson**
21.Infamous Player - Unknown
22.Money Shot - Hatiras
23.Get Up - Donald Glaude
24.Greyday - Zoot women

MP3 Mix - Matt Dublin

Title - Artist

1. Heel n' Toe - Adam Freeland
2. Pray For You - Plump Djs
3. Dead Souls - Infusion
4. Eye for an Eye - Unkle
5. Trippin' Out - Unknown
6. Eighty Ten - Loco
7. Get Yourself High - Chemical Brothers
8. Ladybird - Chris Carter
9. GDMFSOB - Dj Shadow
10. Flip Mode - Stereo 8
11. B.T.P.2 - Atomic Hooligan
12. Counting Off - The Apollo Kids
13. Left Hand - Atomic Hooligan
14. Twisted Affair -Unknown
15. Get:On - Moguai
16. Rise Above - Wink/Middleton/Freeland
17. Weapon - Jay Squad
18. Kick Flip - Slung Groove
19. Plump Djs - Weighted Down
20. Kill Bill Theme - Unknown

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Currently listening to the CD. Very big fan of what Ive heard so far, Can you feel it?, Extension and Get yourself high personal favourites at the moment.

Thanks very much for sending it to me and hope to hear some more good stuff on the mp3.