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My living status in TOKYO-ungh! :)


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Hey guys!
I am sneakingly posting this from work during my lunch break here..
So I would not be able to check all the threads or see the replies to this one frequently, but i just thought about making this thread to let you all know how i have been doing (i still do not have any internet acess from home..so i have not been able to write much emails at all..sorry about this, guys!)

So after I came here, my cold got worst again, and i had fever (100F!!) for a while..but i am feeling better today!

As far as my housing situation goes, I have decided to stay at this house in Chiba area for a month and look for a better place to live. This place, you pay about 720 dollar, and you have your own room, and share kitchen and washroom.
It sounds expensive, but you get to use the washer and drier for free-

what i love about the place is that there are people from other countries living in japan for work etc (imagine language school english teachers and what not)
so i can continue speaking english with my room mates.
there is this girl, her name is Julie. She is from England and she is such a friendly girl. I love her :)
Most of the people from there are from England-

The neighborhood is not bad neither.
Yesterday, I found a temple near my house, so i decided to go for a jog and it really was INDEED a nice experience..made me happy ..hehe

There is a huge river called idogawa i think..and along this river, there is a park like area where people are playing soccer or jogging etc..i really want to make it there one day! I still need ask someone to get there though!

anyway, my work..hmm.
well, things are rather negative.
my boss is a dutch person.
I was told that i was going to be the forth employee! but yesterday when i came here, i realized that i was his only employee!!!

he does not speak any japanese..so it seems to me that I am handling those of very important tasks (it is a company providing hotel reservation system for the customers online www.bookings.co.jp)...i am only hired as an assitant..not his partner...i am not paid to work as his partner, but he expects me to work 12 hours plus daily!
it is just too crazy! so i was really upset yesterday after working for 11 hours with only 30 minutes break!

The fact that he is the boss and he does not really know what he is doing makes me really nervous.
A person who knows most of the system information here is leaving next monday..so imagine what will happen when i encounter a situation where i have no answer to deal with? :/
so things are a bit risky! to be honest.
but i have other job opportunities..so i think i should not shut my door for other opportunities!

Tokyo area is extremely hot!
it is like above 20C!
too hot!

Oh yes, today, i experienced Japan's rush hour this morning..it was one crazy experience.
Literally, the subway is jammed with people..really..
People are squeezed in the train..if you do not get on, you can not get to work or be late there..so yeah..and gowd, you have these old japanese business men around you..sniffing you and shite..pretty nasty stuff.


anyway, even though i have problems with my current job, i am still having fun here!

hope that my positive attitude will suck some positive vibe or new news on my way

write me back!

i have no internet access from home.
i am doing this from work during my break-
i may not get to reply back as often as i wish..but i hope you can understand!
maybe you guys install MSN messenger?
i have one in this computer here. hehe
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that sucks about your clueless boss :(
but glad to hear you are doing good and are having fun, hopefully you fnd another good job there that'll treat you with respect :)

ttys, once you get an at home connection :)


Smiley Jo

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Aww Kumi...

Massive Hugs babe...
Hope things work out for you!
Hang in there!!


Joanna :)


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wow Kumiko!!! sounds like the job is no good!!!!! you should get outta there soon!!!

It's really exciting to hear about your travels though, I hope you keep the updates comming!!!

*sending you good energy from accross the planet!*

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It sounds like a great place to live.But, its too bad about your job.Give your boss a swift kick in the tooter!



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Im so jelous. That bit about jogging near a temple.... coooool. See, I don't jog.. but I'd smoke a huge blunt with buddah ! Teach him some 'fattyp scissor blunt' technique !


be safe and don't bring back any foreign flus.


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we miss you already Kumi!! i'm sure things will pick up at the job - it must be so strange to be in a totally different environment and working already! talk about culture-shock!!



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Hey, thanks guys for the info.
Here is another news on the job situation.
Basically hard drive of the company is leaving the office this friday, and i am sort of getting all the knowledge from him.
this company exists because of the bilingual assistant that handles the request for the hotel reservation from the customers (www.bookings.co.jp is the company's site)..

so- imagine if i tell him that i want to leave the company-
the company will lose all the clients-and will go out of the business.

i am the only employee who has the knowledge to handle all the things to mantain the company to run.

so perhaps, if i did tell my boss my desire to leave the company, he will do anything to keep me i think..
a good chance to get more higher pay? hehe

i have a few people that i have already contacted for other job opportunities..i feel pretty good about the whole thing..cause i think that maybe i should try to get a job in the music scene as an alternative to this situation..you know?

so yeah.
okay, i will go back to work now.
talk to you later guys,



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Originally posted by alexd
are you there for good, or is it just for a few months....
well, i plan on staying here at least for one year-
i mean the whole purpose of my move to gain some strength and power as an individual so that i can take some actions on my dream and such.

do you want me to advertize tribe mag here, alex?
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Hi Kumi!

Good to hear that you've arrived safely and are settling into things.



.:. Share what you know, learn what you don't .:.

Adam Duke

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i am the only employee who has the knowledge to handle all the things to mantain the company to run.

Isn't this the least bit scary....seeing as you haven't even worked there a week yet?

I'd say you might want to get your ass into another job before he tells you that he can't afford to pay you.



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I was thinking about you all week Kumi :)

Sorry to hear about the flu but things will work hemselves out... stick with it for a little longer you'll see.

Rob *huggles*