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My Live Mix Archived At Twelveinch.com


TRIBE Member
My live mix with Jay McCourt for 29th Jan is now archived at www.twelveinch.com
Progressive breaks & house.

Tracklisting for my mix:-
(62:00 mins into the mix)

1. Jeff Wayne - War Of The Worlds (Tilt Remix) - Unknown
2. Leuroj - Isakora (Bushwacka! Remix) - Loaded
3. Amani Vs Teapot - Floating Substance (Smitty & Teapot Remix) - Red Menace
4. Chab - Matica (Matrix Remix) - Undercurrent
5. Koma & Bones - Morpheus (Katie & Rhymes Remix) - TCR
6. Altitude - Night Stalker (Meat Katie Remix) - Bonzai
7. T-Boy - King Of The Land (Terminalhead Remix) - Sacred
8. BLIM & Chris Carter - Check It Out - Track
9. Beber & Tamra - Tarvelling On (Meat Katie Remix) - Mob

You can catch me live every friday at www.thevoids.com from 7pm-10pm.

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