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My Linksys Router "crashes"

Sinister Shadow

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So I have the all too common (and apparently crappy) WRT54G V5 wireless router from linksys.

I flashed it with the latest firmware about 2 weeks ago, but she continues to crash. I have a feeling it has something to do with port forwarding and torrents. I have not done anything special to the routers settings... perhaps I should?

Usually once a day it goes down. The DNS and IP's drop themselves (like an ip release happens). I have to unplug the router, wait a minute, then plug it back in. That usually does the trick. Doing anything through the router interface doesn't seem to be drastic enough. It likes the power to go out.

I've contacted linksys, they were hopeless.

Anyone else have experience with this? Should I be changing some default setting to improve performance?

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I was having this sort of trouble with a v2 wrt54g and i managed to get it working better by turning off the encryption. i turned on the blocking by net ID instead. what sucks is everything i do is now going out into the ether for the whole world to look at but... meh... whatevs... most of my hardcore shiz is PGP'd or VPN'd anyhow so it don't matter too much.


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You could look at 3rd party firmware. A couple years ago there were at least a few good options. That being said I've never had any problems like you describe with mine or any that I've worked with (which is basically every version since 0). Google it...
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Sinister Shadow

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^^ I'll give the dd a try, what the hell, it doesn't work now.

Sad when a company that builds the hardware can't write software that works.


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Actually the products aren't generally built by Linksys -- they just outsource and slap their branding on it...welcome to the world of ODM.