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My Latest 2002 Mix


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Hey There,
Just finished up my latest mix. About time since it has been quite a while since I get my lazy arse to do one.

Aaron Koh - 2002 Promo Mix

Anyways, here is the tracklisting:

1. Stanton Warriors Feat. The Empress - Right Here (Club Mix) [XL]
2. Soul Dhamma - Flower (King Britt's Under Water Dub) [VC]
3. Funk D'Void - Barnabeats [Soma]
4. Ivan-I & Fionn Starchild - Dub Theory [Jah Love]
5. Rev - What Is The Man Like? (Garia Bonus Beats Mix) [ING Recordings]
6. Meat Katie - Everyone Is Gay [Kingsize]
7. Lay & Bushwacka! - Let The Good Times Roll [XL]
8. Bushwacka! - The Egyptian [Plank]
9. Ogenki Clinic - Kirei [Easy Access]
10. Dave Mothersole & Haris Da Fingers - Music [Swag]
11. Los Vampyros Lesbos - Big Robot [Bea(en) Communication]
12. 1st Of Someone - 1st Of Someone [Beat(en) Communication]

Any feedback is appreciated. ;)

Also, you can catch me live Every Wed & Fri at www.thevoids.com 7pm - 10pm EST.

Aaron Koh


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hey aaron i tune into your voids show every once in awhile so if it's anything like you throw down there it should be a good one :)


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Thanks for tuning in, Jay. Appreciate it. :)
As for this mix, I basically managed to squeeze a little of everything in there.... :/
Hope you guys enjoy it.


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Hey Aaron do you have it in mp3 format? I prefer that but can deal with realplayer to hear your mix too. :)


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Sure Kalemic, I'll send the mp3 format over to ya via ICQ, say this evening?
If anyone wants in mp3, my ICQ # is 104594958.
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