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My Ipod keeps turning on by itself


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I will have the thing fully charged leave it my bag over night and next thing i know the battery is drained because it turned on by itself and drained the battery.
Why why why?

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Ditto Much

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because it has lost its love for you, you must spend some quality time with your apple products or they become despondent and cease to operate. Have you hugged your apple products today?


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Anakin said:
Turn on hold. Either that, or it's not really turning on, and your battery is dead and can't hold a charge any more.

If that's the case, have apple replace the battery.


What he said. It may be after you put it in your bag you move it around and it turns on accidentally. Using the hold slider protects against accidental power on's. Though if that's not the case, it's most likely the battery. Does it ever show full charge?
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