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My head is going to explode


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Damn cold. No sniffles or anything, just a scratchy sore throat and my head feels like a watermellon.
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I had that cold 2 weeks ago. the associate migraines were unbearable. I was on cold medicine, cough medicine and advils for a week straight.
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I have an incredibly scratchy throat which is making me cough when I breathe too deeply.

I'm kindof snotty, but I think I'm just fighting off a potentially bad virus.

On the train in and home I concentrate on my body fighting off the virus and healing. I swear to GOnaD, that's why I rarely fall ill.


That and hauling a lotta knob, it keeps me happy.


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why does every second person in Toronto have this?

I have the same. Last night I had Nyquil + Neo Citran and slept like a ROCK. Not even my girfriend's cold kept me up.

The night before: NOTHING. no sleep for 8 hours. sneezingcoughingrunnynose etc.
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