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my hat is covered in webs, my mom stole my bagle, and im cold.

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my problem was yesterday being a suckfest

today my problem is the cunt rags next door waking me up by blasting bling bling hip hop.

but i got even with them, i spun hard techno & electro really loudly until they shut their hip hop off.



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i find playing snuff porn really loud works really well too in shutting the neighbours up too........especially if you're filming it live......

that or sacrifice a live chicken (none of that Maple Leaf crap) infront of their door and writing "death to hip hop" in the chicken's blood.......not only will they stop broadcasting, it'll also give them good reason to move out as quickly as possible.....keep repeating until you eventually find neighbours that u can tolerate....works like a charm....


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i suggested putting doll heads on spikes facing their house and splattering the area with pigs blood

but my sister reminded me that although it woud creep them out we would still have to live next to them for at least 4 more months
should we find someone to buy our house *grrrr*

p[l]a+0 <--pissed cause the last couple backed out when they didnt get the loan :(


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my dad stole my cookies because i wrecked a sickos paradise.

..that doll head thing is a great idea.