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My general lack of interest in the internet


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Maybe it's that I'm a moron when it comes to computers.

Or maybe becuase I use my landlords computer and can't really personalize it.

But the reality is that there are about 5 sites I regularily visit and that's it. Email is very non-chalate to me too.

The reality is that I think I don't get why everyone seems to love the internet so much, so I just wanted to know what makes you enjoy it so much?


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It makes me feel like I'm doing something when I stumble home a little drunk at 1 am.
And I get laid because of it.


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it makesme feel somewhat connected to peopel...cause i dont really like to be around some people, specially those in my house...i'd rather distance myself from them...but i get lonely

yay internet



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And besides, without the net, none of us nerds would be able to wield our digital weaponry in a manner that would impress the rest of humanity...

- Holmes
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Originally posted by JEMZ
The reality is that I think I don't get why everyone seems to love the internet so much, so I just wanted to know what makes you enjoy it so much?

It's a TV substitute.

And much better, since it works two ways... not passive like the idiot box, oh no, I like to be a two-way active idiot.

Smiley Jo

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As for me, i've met some super fantastic people that I may not have gotten the chance to hook up with otherwise, and also, it's enabled me to get to know some people I already knew alot better, on account of the fact that I'm waaaaay better at writing things than talking... :rolleyes:

I also like the fact that if I have a question about pretty much anything and i'm wondering what the answer is, if i'm by my computer, it takes about a half a minute to punch it into a search engine and find out. :)

I also dig all the free music!! :D



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the amount of useful (and free) information on the net is astounding -- its a research portal for pretty much any topic you want to learn more about.

google is god.

also, it is becoming a great substitute for chatting on the phone -- there are probably more contacts on my icq than in my phonebook.

and yes - all the free music ain't too shabby either ;)


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I used to be a real web junky. Then I was a download junky (downloading any audio and video I could get my hands on).

Then sometime last year I realized that I had spent way too many hours and days of my life accomplishing nothing. My computer use at home dropped to almost nil.

Now I use the internet when I'm looking for specific info, which is several times a day at home and office, but no 3-5 hour surfing sessions. In some ways I think I might be missing out on things that would interest or entertain me, but I don't think I'm missing much.

Besides, it allows me more time to sit mindlessly in front of the TV. I guess I'm just destined to waste my time.
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me too Jamie... I have about 5/6 sites that I go to and that's pretty much it - unless I am looking for info on something.
I'm not a surfer at all.

I like real life better then cyber life :)!!
so if I'm not chained to my PC b/c of work I'm not really on here at all.


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no doubt - when has there ever been a time when you have instant access to massive amounts of media and information?

the internet rulez :)


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Im not surprised that a magazines like "Penthouse" have recently signed for bankruptcy... The amount of porn on the net is absurd. And Im kinda glad Im not 14 years old and have full highspeed access to the www. It would’ve made me so lazy… I remember trekking from my school (grade 6) to a friends house to watch my first hardcore 70s porn, ironically enough called, "Treasure Box." But those kind of classical (as depicted by Norman Rockwell) childhood experiences are forever lost with the click of a mouse.
But Damn! Im gonna see if I can find that flick online to purchase!!!


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i go through phazes were i'm bored with it...and then other times i'll be surfing like it ain't no thing....

right now i'm 50/50. :)