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My friend invented a new word,... Fakalist...and we've been using it for years


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Fakalist, name says it all. Wannabe hard core Jungalist, they have all the right fashions, with their Rude bwoy attitude, "thin" silver chain, only thing is they forgot (or really have no clue) that parties are about the music. Also most fakalists Dance the same way, a kind of boucny Dance, throwing their shoulders around alot.
What about Rave-a-lot's. The kids who don't realize that raving isn't the only thing in the world. They go out every night of the week and anywhere there is a rave type party. And they talk like the are all oldschool cause they remember parties form like a year ago and cry about how much better they were last summer. They are harder to find now but they do still exists.

jeremy -sir captain rave a lot- jive
I call them losers, in fact any rich little white kid that pretends they're black and from the "hood" deserves their allowance taken away and a nice smack on the rump.
^^^ I never heard that one, lol
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jah-fake-in.. "down by the beach, boyee!"
insta-raver.. "add drugs and stir"
twinkie.. "11 year shelf life"
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