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My first time in Montreal! NEON review.

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by DJAlchemy, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    Never been to montreal? what kind of hick town do you come from? Ajax.

    Well we got here in the afternoon stoped into DNA records to pick up the tickets and check out some vynil... only one problem: Only house, techno, electro, mountain dew and crab juice. No progressive? Fine I'll just go shopping along the strip then. Not that I could complain watching electrotekBABE try on pbc pants for a little while. Not a word from me at all... a little drool, but thats to be expected. After walking around for a while, you get the feel of the city a lil more and everything settles in with the comfort of home.

    To make a long story short -after much MUCH drinking we managed to make it out to NEON with a live PA by Miss Kitten & The Hacker. First thing I notice is the room is full of energy. Vibe? oh yes, his presence was well known. Can't complain about Montreal party style -they know how to make a guy feel welcome.

    The music was alright and the party ended at three so being the wild bunch we were we ventured off to Stereo. This place reminded me of a miniature guvernement! Amazing sound system, lots of shirtless guys, giant industrial fans, and of course world class DJ's... The one and Only David Moreals, what can I say he is the master, theough he revealed a much darker side of himself tonight. I've never heard house-so-hard!

    got home in the early morning and the dub's been burning ever since -such sweet insense. I swear if adam and rich have to listen to me talk for another hour I'm going to have my lips swen to my ass for sure!

    The hostess with the mostess as usual [​IMG] we gotta stop teasing each other dear - but it wouldn't be so much fun if we didn't know how to push all the right buttons!

    Adam & Galite a pleasue as usual; Rich it goes without saying. I'm also gald I had the pleasure to meet some new faces [​IMG]

    Robb, I calls ya - don't trust drunkards with dinner plans. Pizza always gets the better of you.

    I only wish we could stay longer to see some of the landmarks and architecture.

    Peace & love. D
  2. huggs946

    huggs946 TRIBE Member

  3. BEtonka

    BEtonka TRIBE Member

    I certainly had tonnes of fun with a great crew. Although I didn't make it out to Stereo I did make it to my bed alright hehehe. I must say that I haven't seen a better dressed crowd in ages. As a Miss Kittin and Hacker virgin I must admit that the music was amazing, there were certainly some great tracks that I would like to know the names of, or hear them again. Allie hehe fun as always. Rich it has been a please and we'll definately have to hang out again. Derek STOP STRESSING OUT DUDE tehehe... u're totally coolio in my books and we'll party it up again. Adam I have offically decided that you are the best bum shaker that I have ever met, very friendly and overall nice guy. Galite you're a sweetie Eastern Eurpoeans all the way. We'll hook up again once I get my butt back to Toronto in May. Ian and CityGirl it was a pleasure. Oh yes last but not least Laura you are such a vibrant person, a sweetie indeed, I'll see ya around (had fun at the UN thang tehehe?). And if I have forgotten anyone else please shoot me.

  4. Da grunj

    Da grunj TRIBE Member

    Every dj I have seen in Montreal seems to play harder. I have seen the light! Its a kick ass party town.

  5. ViShiS*

    ViShiS* TRIBE Member

    I just checked out those pics and WOW- I have never partied in Montreal before, but what an amazing and fresh looking crowd! I'm plannig a Montreal trip for the spring for sure.

  6. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    actually, we were there till 4am and it was still kickin!

    where the hell did you guys all go? I was quite upset to see all the coats gone, and everyone with them.... I woulda gone to system, seeing as I had the passes, but we decided just to stay at the party for a while, then grabbed a bite

    Miss Kitten and the Hacker really rocked my world. I loved being at a party where I hardly knew anyone- so fresh.

    so much more to say, but trying to express it in words wont do it justice.

  7. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    ha! talk about old habits kickin in... I meant STEREO!

  8. huggs946

    huggs946 TRIBE Member

    ^^^Sorry about that [​IMG]

    drukqs are bad i tell ya [​IMG]
    make people forget about other people [​IMG]hope that you weren't in the line wating to go to the bathroom or something)

    had a blast!

    next time, we ALL go to Stereo afterwards...
  9. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    The police just called:
    they found everyone's livers and brain cells [​IMG]

    Wicked wicked wicked night. Live PA owns. Big props to the Tdot crew and the wonderful montreal party kids. I've said it before I'll say it again. I have the best friends [​IMG]


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