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My first Ambient Ping - Tuesdays @ C'est What


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I really like C'est what, they've got so many yummy high alcahol percentage beers :) Anyways, got ther about 9, and had to wait for 9:30 before they were all set up with the projector and sound equipment. I've never heard of "Faceless forces of bigness" before but then toronto doesn't really have an "Ambeint Scene" does it?

Anyways, the music was good, clicky, beaty and refreshingly introspective, I was getting into it but the really amazing thing was visuals. Wicked setup they had, next time I'm going to ask how he does it. 3 'musicians' and one visuals guy who was doing a spectacular job of flashing imagery letter's psuedo meaningless text and all the stuff you'd expect from a trance inducing musical journey :)

Respect to Ambient Ping! I'm making Tuesday night a drinking night, I was surprised that at 10:00 the room was packed, with lots of socialising and a little noisy but everybody was there for hte music... who knew...?

I recommend Ambient Ping for any tu4esday evening chillout-and-be-social occaision.