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My consipracy theory about paul martin and the new conservative party


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Alright i thought about this last night and i realized that paul martin has been bought off by the conservatives in this country to bring down the liberal government. It all makes sense paul martin has been bought off by the tories to bring down the liberals. In the next 4- 8 months he will erode what left wing credibilty they have and he right wing attributes will easily be compared with the tories. His is well connnected in the bussiness sector and there is no question now i that i see what is going on that he will erode all of the liberal power base before the next election. He will frame it all on the basis of getting tracking down the corruption in the liberal party and he will eventually be caught up in it. They will have to choose another leader before the election and they will be viewed as incapable of governing. Thus bringing the tories back into power.

You heard it here first from swilly

watch over the next 6 months it will happen i can see it already

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Originally posted by Ditto Much
who could afford to buy him off. Hes the biggest player out there, hes the one doing the buying.

MNCs who will benefit from a right ward shift in the political spectrum


Ditto Much

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Originally posted by swilly
MNCs who will benefit from a right ward shift in the political spectrum


yeah but the man is a billionaire. For all sake it makes the most sense to hurt his opposition as much as possible. Will only better his position when he can return to management.

Pauls term is going to be shorter than expected.
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judge wopner

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Originally posted by AdRiaN
You should never trust anyone with two first names.

ha!! thats brilliant.

uh, the old idea of big business needing a conservaive party in power and liberals/ndp being all for the little guy is a bit of a dated idea in canada non?

the liberals have rested on their laurels of being this moderate party when its clear they have been sliding right for a long time, and Mr. Martin as PM only furhter confrims it,

his massive ties to the buss. community show you how far they have gone in entrenching themselves w/ the nations wealthiest. i wouldnt say big business are too concerne about a liberal govt. vs. a PC one anymore.

never mind 2 debacles w/ mr. martin,
1. the current scandal, which he may try to use as a purge and make himself look good by denying any knowledge, yet as a finance minister u make yourself look foolish for not knowing where sums of 100 million went.
even worse if you cant track down your underlings responsible.

2. the apparent "typo" regarding the extra zero's attached to amounts companies he owned recv'd cash from the party in the 80's and 90's.
which didnt come out until luckily he took office already.

a bad start